# Use Command Lines

TOPIO provides a wealth of features, and in this section we will show you how to use the command line.

For all interactive operations of the command line, just press Enter to confirm.

The returned data format is json format.

Commands are not case sensitive. For example, the command topio wallet createAccount is the same as topio wallet createaccount.

# TOPIO Command

Check TOPIO all commands with:

topio -h


topio --help
Command Description
wallet Create and manage your accounts and keys.
mining Register miner, query and claim miner reward, add or reduce miner deposit, update miner information,etc.
node Start/stop/reload node process,query whether the node has joined the network、the node connected peers,etc.
staking Stake funds、vote advance miner、claim reward,etc.
transfer Send TOP to another account.
querytx Get the details of a transaction.
chain Query chain information, query account, query block, query on-chain data synchronization status, deploy and run smart contract.
resource Manage account's resource.
govern Get on-chain governance parameters, submit/get/withdraw proposal and TCC vote on proposal.
db Backup and restore node local database.

# Subcommands


Check subcommands of the "wallet" command with:

topio wallet -h


topio wallet --help

The wallet subcommands are as follows:

  createAccount               Create an account.
  createKey                   Create a worker key for specific account.
  listAccounts                List all accounts in wallet.
  setDefaultAccount           Set a default account for sending transactions.
  importKey                   Import private key into wallet.
  resetKeystorePwd            Reset the password for a keystore file.

# Subcommand


Check the usage of the subcommand setDefaultAccount.

topio wallet setDefaultAccount -h


topio wallet setDefaultAccount --help