# Requirements For Becoming A Miner

There are five types of miners in TOP Network: edge, validator, advance, archive, and exchange node. You can register as one of the first three types of miners.

The following are the minimum requirements for each type of miner to access the network.


If the registration deposit is lower than the minimum deposit requirement, the miner will fail to register.

Node Type Minimum Registration Deposit Minimum Votes Requirement Minimum Hardware Configuration
edge 200,000 TOP - 1CPU/1GB mem
validator 500,000 TOP - 2CPU/2GB mem
advance 1,000,000 TOP After registering as an advance miner, what kind of node the mine is elected depends on the votes it receives:
If the advance miner is to be elected as auditor node, the votes must be greater than or equal to the actual registration deposit of the miner (Here, the node deposit is calculated by TOP, not uTOP).
When the votes fall below the actual staked deposit, or has no votes, the advance miner can only be elected as validator.
After registering as the advance miner, if you increase the miner deposit, the miner needs to increase the corresponding votes if it wants to be elected as auditor.
2CPU/4GB mem