# Use TOP Wallet

The TOP Wallet library forks from the Trust Wallet library, mainly for third-party wallets, and is used for address generation & management, transaction structure generation, and signing. Currently most mainstream tokens are supported (click here to view (opens new window)). Official code address: https://github.com/trustwallet/wallet-core.

This section describes how to use the TOP wallet library.

Address-related operations and transaction structure signature generation functions have been implemented in iOS and Android clients. And functions such as transferring, depositing, deposit cancelling, swapping for gas, cancel swapping are supported.

# iOS

Currently, only CocoaPods under Xcode is supported, you need to use the Top Wallet library via pod in iOS.

The usage method in iOS project is as follows:

  1. Add pod 'TopWalletCore' in Podfile.

  2. Run pod install to install pod library.

If the installation fails, you can troubleshoot the problems in the following ways:

  • Run pod repo update to update pod library.
  • Run pod search TopWalletCore to search for TOP Wallet library.

Code sample:

  • iOS sample project: https://github.com/hench-ye/wallet-core/tree/hench1/samples/osx/cocoapods

  • Swift code sample: https://github.com/hench-ye/wallet-core/blob/hench1/swift/Tests/Blockchains/TopTests.swift

# Android

Android library is submitted to GitHub for unified management.

The usage method in Android project is as follows:

  1. Run gradle install.

  2. Add the following code in app/build.gradle file of yourproject:

    maven {
     name = "GitHubPackages"
     url = uri("https://maven.pkg.github.com/hench-ye/wallet-core")
     credentials {
     /**Create github.properties in root project folder file with gpr.usr=GITHUB_USER_ID & gpr.key =PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN**/
     username = "hench-ye"
     password = "*************************"
    implementation "com.topwallet:wallet-core:$walletcore_version"

    In which:

    • username and password are used to download library from GitHub.
    • password is the personal access token generated from https://github.com/settings/tokens.
    • $walletcore_version is the latest version, which is 2.6.16 currently. You can check it out at https://github.com/hench-ye/wallet-core/releases.

Code sample:

  • Android sample project: https://github.com/hench-ye/wallet-core/tree/hench1/samples/android
  • Kotlin code sample: https://github.com/hench-ye/wallet-core/blob/hench1/android/app/src/androidTest/java/com/trustwallet/core/app/blockchains/top/TestTop.kt